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See "Ugly Money" in the March, 2005

Since 1998, while running the cash register at Johnny Burrito, I have encountered unsung artists, poets, philosophers & pundits using our
national currency as their medium.  A cost effective delivery to be seen by many.  Few folks would throw away money - offensive or not.
I often wonder...what is someone thinking when they do what they do.  After several years of collecting, this page was created Feb, 2002.

We are dedicated to featuring their work here - the home for
money drawn on, written on, stamped, stapled & burned...


This just in from Christine B. of Clackamas, Oregon...
"After seeing your collection of "Ugly Money" I decided that you
deserve one created for you.  I would have glorified it with a
larger denomination, but, well, I'm poor."
THANKS Christine !!!  Of course, I sent her a buck & a bunch of goodies, too.

Hmmm, I'm liking the look of this new dollar.

I really like

Updating NOW...
Number of different bills = 300+ !!!

"Ugly Money" to date = $ 1,750+
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(Add 110,000+ when the counter was reset.)


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115 bills, $870
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Check back for NEW
"Ugly Money"

"Ugly Money" has been in several
newspaper articles.  Read all about it here...

(Some popular themes...Devil = 10, Other Religious = 11, Political = 8)

The term "ugly money" does not, necessarily, reflect the quality of the work.  It's just our phrase to categorize any &
all altered / mutilated money.

If you recognize your work, let us give you proper credit !!!

Enjoy, and please send us your own UGLY MONEY...
We'll add your finds to the gallery.


A note for all these new visitors, this site is probably not as slick as you are used to seeing
on today's Internet.  This is just an oddball hobby that seems perfectly suited to be shared
on this electronic medium.  I maintain these simple pages myself & try to update on a,
somewhat, regular basis.  I had no idea this collection of altered currency would draw
such attention.  Enjoy.  Cheers, JB

Please let me know if you have seen other sites like this (I have not)...
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Money Terms...

Chrematophobia Fear of money.
Numismatic The study & collecting of coins & medals.
Syngraphics The study and collecting of paper money as opposed to coins & medals.
Scripophily The study & collecting of stock certificates, bonds & fiscal documents.


German Illuminati site...

South - "Ugly Money" is a featured "Internet Time Waster" for Dec 8, 2004.

Stoopid Links - Fun with a purpose.  We were linked May 18, 2004.
. - site with all manner of links, we are a "Stupid / Ugly Site", of course.
. - actually a site with just a few links & most are dead. Curious.
. - yet another German site that has us linked up...

Steve King's "Best of the Best" - Useful & Entertaining Web finds.

Ms. JJ's Page - a few links on a strange page, includes "Ugly Money".
. - Nascar fan site with "Ugly Money" listed on the link page.

Numerous BLOG's have featured "Ugly Money"...
     MetaFilter - Jul 6, 2003 - Jul 17, 2003 - Jul 21, 2003 - early 2004 - Jan 14, 2004 - Jan 16, 2004 -
Mar 29, 2004 - Apr 30, 2004 - May 5, 2004 - Oct 23, 2004
     House of Ellis - Nov 16, 2004 - Dec 2, 2004 (Thanks to Ugly Money fan & JB customer Dave L. for the heads up.)

RR Rare Coins & Currency - Bob Reed's great site for anything numismatic.   In fact, Bob is the first
"real collector" that has any interest in "Ugly Money".


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The "How to confuse a blonde" bill made the "Grow-a-brain" site
for Jan 31 & Mar 1, 2004.  Vast site with too many links to follow.
Update - Linked again Nov 14, 2004, now part of Money & Finance page.

rosweedbanner.jpeg (6150 bytes)

Great site with links like you have never seen.  Don't visit
unless you have some time to pass.  Includes "Ugly Money".
Note: Seems to load slowly.      (Off-line as of Sep, 2004)


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xeno.gif (5140 bytes) XENOPHILIA - the love of things strange, foreign or unusual.
Award-winning Sacramento band.  Interesting site with two songs to download.  "Ugly Money" is a "Pop Culture" link.
They are also into
Crypto zoology & RODS.  Two fun topics.

. - Another page with all manner of links. (Sold as of Feb, 2004, not the same.)
Update - Has morphed into ""

"Ask The" - The world's first computer generated encyclopedia
When "dollar" is the search term, the links page it returns includes an image from "Ugly Money".

The Pabillions - Artistic Butterflies made from European banknotes.
Made by an artist in Lausanne, Switzerland

Michael's Collection of Rubber-stamped Money...
Fella who has collected more than 20 bills with stamped messages to the masses.

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wg_banner2.jpeg (30651 bytes)
WheresGeorge    (Pop-ups)
The site where you can enter bill info to track travels.
boggsbill.jpg (17072 bytes) J.S.G. Boggs
A Pittsburgh artist who, since 1984, has been using his hand-drawn "funbacks" & other personal currency as his illegal tender.  Includes a downloadable version of Boggs' "funback".

J.S.G. Boggs site #2
Another site with other examples of Boggs excellent work.

I will gladly accept a Boggs bill for a meal at JB.

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Dollar Hack
Site with downloadable mini corporate logos you can print
right on your currency using an ink jet printer.
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Protected under the rtmark.gif (4888 bytes) umbrella.

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"Pssst !  Could your money be talking to you ?"
Feb 23, 1999 story by Jeanne Moos about writing on money.
Unfortunately, only a couple of sentences about the video
story.  The downloadable video now goes to CNN adverts.

This is the only reference I have found about this activity.
This "Ugly Money" page was born early Feb, 2002 as a
result of me and Estaban chatting about our unusual bills & coins.  At that time, we searched & found no such sites.

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Despite arguments, writing on currency still viewed as illegal
Sep 5, 2001 story by John Schneider in the "Lansing State Journal" about writing on money.  Seems it might be
technically illegal, but no trials to date.

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The Currency Gallery
An excellent resource for facts & history of each denomination - nice bill scans.
Lots of info, first-rate site !!!

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US Treasury - Know Your Money
In accordance with the rules set forth for color copies of US currency, we have scanned images at 151% of original size.
(Site opens in new window as "Back" button is disabled there.)

engrave.gif (6387 bytes)

Bureau of Engraving and Printing
GREAT website with "Money Facts", uncut currency sheets for purchase, $10,000 bags of shredded currency & other money marvels.

Just for the record, BEP defines "illegal" defacement as
"intent to render such item(s) as unfit to be reissued."  All
bills displayed here were in general circulation, until now.
Read the details...Title 18, Section 333 of the US Code

NEW $20 - Official interactive presentation. (FLASH)

oldcash.gif (3005 bytes)

Old Cash - Authentic Shredded US Currency
Sellers of lots of shredded currency in a "message in the bottle" format.   Bags also available.

grnseal.gif (8026 bytes)

Paper Money Collecting FAQ
Answers to most of your banknote collecting questions.

225+ unique "Search Engine" words & phrases
lead to "Ugly Money"...

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116 bills, $871
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103 bills, $833
To currency galleries,
US Treas, JSG Boggs...
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19 bills, $53
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