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Burrito Wagon & DODGE Truck Info
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JB #1 BURRITO in Charlotte !!!

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Can you pick out the REAL Johnny Burrito Town Wagon?

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"If you can't DODGE it, RAM it !!!"

Our company vehicle is a 1965 Dodge Town Wagon Power Wagon factory 4 x 4.  It was originally owned by the US Forest Service in California, where we purchased the beast and drove it 11 days & 3,500 miles cross-country.  The truck is 7 feet tall, has a 360 engine (originally Poly 318) with 4 speed transmission including a granny gear.  The old Town Wagon Power Wagon is a blast to drive if you like all mechanical operation with no modern conveniences.  If you need air conditioning - roll the windows down !!!

    Click to see the REAL JOHNNY BURRITO Town Wagon

          Our own t-shirt with artwork from original sales literature...

Wade showing us "how to wear" the stylish Townie-T
Wade may have a future career modeling for Calvin Klein!!!

T-shirt prices - all are 100% cotton, with pocket:
        Short Sleeve:              Long Sleeve:
          $15 M, L, XL                 $17 M, L, XL
            $16 XXL                         $18 XXL

Add $3.95 shipping for up to three shirts,
"Priority Mail" anywhere in the USA.

For more info, call 704-608-2748 or
l: eat at johnnyburrito dot com

     Townie Email (150+ members)...

     Dodge Truck Links from all over...

Alan Barrow's Townie Site  (Off-line as of Jun. 2003)
Home of the Townie email list, pics, links, excellent reference section.
Nice write-up of POWER WAGON history & what these trucks are all about.
BigElectric.com  (Off-line as of Dec. 2004)
GREAT website for Dodge M-37.  Forum, classifieds, pic gallery & more.
Casey Brother's Power Wagon Page
Previous owner of "Burrito Wagon" in California.
Devoted to admirers of classic & vintage American Pickup Trucks.  Lots of forums.
Drew Reed's Atomic Trucks (Site missing as of Oct. 2002)
    WDX #700, another WDX, M-37 & W200 (pop-up window).
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The Dude...   (Off-line sometime)
Dude info, a few brochures & registry.
(Site plays music on start-up.

Eric B.'s POWER WAGON & Classic Dodge Truck Parts on eBay...
    Eric has quite a business tracking down & selling quality parts.  100% POSITIVE rating !!!
    Power Wagon & M37 disc brake, engine conversion kits & more.
Jay Good's Power Wagon Site
Various PW gatherings & numerous other goodies.
Joe Cimoch's Power Wagon Site & Forum
    The GRANDDADDY of PW sites !!!  Model detail, trucks & parts for sale.
 Dodge Power Wagon Forum - post any PW query, #1 resource.
           Joe's Photo Classified - the most PW's "For Sale" anywhere !!!
           Joe's Town Wagon photo page.
Kris Wickstead's '61-'71 Dodge Truck Site
    EXTENSIVE site: forum, ads, literature - VAST !!!
'61-'71 Dodge Truck Swap Forum
Mike Morris' Power Wagons of the '70's (3 pop-ups !!!)
     First site dedicated to the '70's era PW.
Parts Voice
    The ultimate source for NOS parts.
  Uses original part numbers to search.
Peter Sprouse's Power Wagon BUS Website
     Peter has a nice PW bus, pics of other busses & bus adventures.
Power Wagon Advertiser
     Gordon Manney's excellent publication dedicated to our narrow world.
Robert K's '66 Town Wagon  (1 pop-up)
     This Humbolt County, CA original has quite an interesting past.
63-Dodge.com  (1 pop-up)
     Lots of 63 Dodge car info, also a nice 63 Dodge Truck sub-website.

Tedder Motor Company...

Tedder Motor Company  (site down ???)
Family dealership with 50 years experience...
they do all Johnny Burrito's work !!!
TEXAS Power Wagon Journal
     Paul Cook keeps us up to date on all TEXAS PW events.  Nice pics too !!!


Vintage Power Wagons
Dave & Steve will take care of ALL
your P
W needs !!!   Military, civilian,
Danish PW's, parts.  Too much to list.
Wade Van Buskirk's Townie Site
    Townie email list archives, pics, links & more.
Wikipedia POWER WAGON entry
    Well-written, accurate write-up of the ol' POWER WAGON.

Dodge's concept Power Wagon for the new millennium...

Millenium Power Wagon FrontMillenium Power Wagon Rear

But the ORIGINAL is still BEST & will never be equaled...

1946 - 1968 WDX - WM300 Dodge POWER WAGON

You never know where the Burrito Wagon will turn up.
Here are some links I've discovered to our site from...

All manner of Panel Trucks links from multiple manufactures to sites that sell Panels.
Dodge Truck, Fargo & Chrysler Minivan site - odd combination.
A Swedish site packed with classic car / truck info & links from around the world - USA, Europe, Japan.
Crazy for MoPar
"A" Body site with lot of info.  Links page has 1000 or more MoPar links !!!
CurbDeals.com  (Off-line as of Dec. 2004)
Lots of Dodge truck links & links to more popular makes.
WJ's Homepage
4 x 4 site in the Netherlands with 1,000 plus links all over the world, including JB !!!
Our link is titled "Dodge Power Wagons" about 3/4 down the page.


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