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JB #1 BURRITO in Charlotte !!!

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Ugly Money
Over $1,750 - 250+ bills total !!!
Over 250,000 hits !!!

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Dudes Rich, Johnny & Steve at
Park Lanes in Charlotte, NC
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Dude, if you like the movie, "The Big Lebowski", check out the
3rd Annual Lebowski Fest - June 19, 2004...
. .
Spanish - English translations for common food items
Head to Houston for the HOT STUFF !!! September 17 & 18, 2005: Looks to be quite the event - check it out if you are in the Houston area.

(Note: Music plays when site loads.)
Good book... A great book about everything BURRITO !!!
Please let them know about Johnny Burrito !!!
"Burrito-Analysis" of your personality
Burritos reviews from around the Country
Traveling ???   Check out reviews of burrito shops at your destination.
Tortilla Industry Association
     All you ever wanted to know about the tortilla & the tortilla business !!!
HabanerosYeeow - that's HOT !!! Scoville Units
     The "OFFICIAL" scale of HEAT !!!  Nice discussion & rating scale.  Beautiful color pics of several pepper varieties.
New Mex Connection... "The New Mexican Connection"
     A Mother / Son team have a dynamite chile pepper business supplying frozen, fresh, dried & canned.  Also salsas, sauces, recipes, a cookbook & seeds to start your own garden of HEAT !!!
Southernmost Peppers... Check out this "Southernmost Pepper" shop next time you are in Key West.  On-line catalog, photos & wild "PepperMobile" !!!
She's HOT !!!
Hot sauces & so much more.
Music to my ears... "The Flying Burrito Brothers"

Yes, there was a musical group named "The Flying Burrito Brothers".  Started by ex-Byrd members: Gram Parsons & Chris Hillman.  And quickly added another former Byrd musician: Michael Clarke.

You never know where Johnny Burrito will turn up.
Here's some links I've discovered to our site from...
     JB one of six Mexican restaurants.  Nice site with lots of local links.

AOL Local Guide Charlotte
     JB one of nine restaurants selected as "BEST MEXICAN FOOD" of Charlotte !!!  Very nice review - sings the praises of our food, SPEED & cleanliness.
Includes page where you can read and/or leave an eater review.
     Click here for all nine restaurants.

AOL Personal
     Same link as above, just used with different header, look & URL.

     Same link as above, just used with different header, look & URL.
     Same link as above, just used with different header, look & URL.
     Again, same link as above, just used with different header, look & URL.

CitySearch Convention Center Guide
     JB listed as one of four "must see" restaurants near convention center !!!

CitySearch Eater's Reviews
     JB had 29 reviews, but CitySearch is saving server space & cut down to only one.
     JB listed as Center City restaurant.  Site says Charlotte is second fastest growing city in USA.

ccvb.gif (5552 bytes) - Charlotte's Convention & Visitor Bureau
     JB is a member.   A comprehensive site about all things Charlotte, NC !!!

gocarolina.gif (2101 bytes) - Charlotte's Best Cheap Eats
     JB is one of ten "cheap eats".  Includes Gus' Sir Beef & Price's Chicken Coop.
Update: Jan 2003, this site now owned by WSOC-TV & format changed.
Where Charlotte
     Lists JB as one of local mexican restaurants for Charlotte.
     Another site that lists JB as one of local mexican restaurants for Charlotte.
Advance Job
     Lists JB as area restaurant for job hunting.
Where 2 go (Off-line as of Nov. 2002)
     Lists JB as one of twenty local restaurants for Charlotte !!! (Off-line as of Feb. 2004)
     Lists lots of recipes & restaurants across the USA, including JB.  Extensive site.
Frustrated Writer
     Local customers website of "My Links in Life".  Part BLOG, part book list, etc. - a
slice of this persons life.  JB is one of nine listings under "Food of the Gods".
Rockzilla World - Texas & Americana Music Reviews
     Interesting viewpoint of transplanted Texan to Charlotte.  Gives you the first impression - good, bad & ugly.  Thankfully, JB is positively reviewed in the 5th paragraph.  Also, be sure to read "Rockzilla's Rants".
     JB listed as "first & BEST burrito !!!"  "your online source for charlotte nightlife".
charlotte411.gif (2056 bytes).com
     JB is one of 11 "Places to Eat - Uptown".  Also includes a "Rate It" area.
The Search Beat for Charlotte, North Carolina
     Johnny Burrito included in 50 "Top Charlotte and North Carolina Websites".
Mall Charlotte
     JB included in local listing of only 30 restaurants.  Listed with the likes of La Bibliotheque, Providence Cafe, Alstons & Swing 1000 !!!
Fifth & Poplar Apartments
     JB listed in the under the "Lifestyle" link of this downtown residential address.
Carillon Building, downtown Charlotte
     JB listed as a local amenity on building tenant website.
BJ's Homepage
    Local customer's personal homepage.   JB is the FIRST "Funky" links.
Sheila's web site
    Another customer's personal homepage.  JB is a blog entry for Dec 5, 2001.
All we need is Blog ?
    Another customer's personal homepage.   JB is referenced in the "Fun with the Homeless" story on Tuesday, November 12, 2002.  The first story of the day is about the unique website "The Human Clock" - worth checking out !!!
1stemall.gif (452 bytes)
    82,000+ sites for all types of commerce.  We are logically in "Food & Beverage".
Charlotte.Chinese.Com (Off-line as of Jan. 2002)
     JB one of only 18 restaurants listed for Downtown Charlotte.  Site has additional restaurants by region & lots of other local links.
Caribbean Island Imports
     JB is One of 20 "Hot Restaurants" listed.  We are one of only two NC restaurants named.  The list includes  Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville - Key West, FL, Barnacle Bill's - Tallahassee, FL, & Charme-Gastronomie, France.
World Wide Web Charlotte (Off-line as of Feb. 2004)
     JB one of several local restaurants listed.  Many other local links provided.
List of Downtown Charlotte Restaurants (Off-line as of Feb. 2004)
     By Jeff Graiger.  Alphabetical list of restaurants with two columns (click "Work" link to get list) - "Rec" & "Walk".  JB is one of ten places to have an asterisk in the "Rec" column - not sure what that means ???  Maybe "Recommended" ???
Latin America - Becoming More Like the United States Everyday
     Website about "Cultural Diffusion" & lists Johnny Burrito along with Santana & Soccer with Pele's pic.  Excellent company to be in !!!   (Off-line as of Jan. 2002)
A Taste of Mexico in American English
     By Laura Löfberg, 1999.  Foreign student paper in English, using Johnny Burrito as a research reference .
Rudedog -  How a Chef Could fix WWE's Menu of mixed Results
"Making Burritos is Easier than Fixing a WWE Menu of Characters and Storylines"     Article about wrestling's poor performance, written Jan 30, 2003.  Funny thing is they use a
JB pic of us rolling burrito's down the line.  (Off-line as of Feb. 2004)
Charlotte "i" Pages
     General informational site about Charlotte.
Lybot Dining Guide for North Carolina
     Search engine with all sorts of links for the state.
Lybot Dining Guide for Charlotte, NC
     JB only one of ten restaurants listed for our fair city !!!
Travel North Carolina
     Lots of interesting links for all things North Carolina.
Travel California
     Listed on this big page of California links.  I'm not sure why.
Excite United Kingdom
     Another search engine, based in the UK & picking up Charlotte restaurants.
Off-line as of Mar. 2002)

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75+ Search Engines Used...

Alltheweb - A personal favorite Dogpile - Uses multiple search engines
Altavista - Another personal favorite Ask Jeeves
UK Altavista - 25 language choices !!! Ask Jeeves UK
FR Altavista - This time in French Teoma - Beta test of another Jeeves based engine
DE Altavista - This time in German Comet Web Search
AOL Search Excite - Search, but also news, stocks, etc.
Google - Yet another personal favorite InfoSpace - Has Excite as part of URL - Seems to be same Google InfoSpace - With Infospace as part of URL
Google.ICQ - In "co-op" with ICQ for some reason - Powered by Google. - Search for any picture Lycos
Google Canada - Available in French Lycos.FR - Another French search engine
Google Argentina Lycos.DE - Denmark this time
Google Brasil Sidesearch Lycos
Google Italia Buscador - Spanish Terra, powered by Lycos
Google België - Search.  Exactly.
Google Chile Findtarget - "Find your target fast"
Google Nederland - Win money for searching
Google Suisse - pop up ad
Google Deutschland Search.Earthlink.Net
Google Österreich MSN Beta search engine
Google New Zealand MSN Non-Beta search engine
Google Thailand T1MSN - MSN in Spanish - Uses Google - French search engine - Also uses Google
Yahoo Seachalot
CA Yahoo - Yahoo Canada CNet Search
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Earthlink Search - Powered by Google - Uses multiple search engines - Takes you to Overture - "The Weblog Community" ??? - South African search engine - Forbidden ???
LookSmart - odd hit from here, but can't get to the source ???
Evreka - Scandinavian search, by LookSmart MetaCrawler - "Search the Search Engines" - Clustering engine ??? - Metasearch engine ??? - that's odd, a password protected search engine Verizon - Everybody has a search engine
ABC Search - cnet & webferret reference
BBC - Yes, that British institution can also search AT&T Broadband
FreeServe - Another European search engine
LatinGuia - Spanish search CurryGuide - Yet another search engine
Translate NetCraft Web Survey - Runtime stats, platforms
ProFusion - Enabling Smarter Decisions Whois Source - Resource to id website owner


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